Sports in Chiclana

Staying at Aparthotel Las Dunas you will have the opportunity to enjoy the best sport in a dream location. Get started in the world of surfing or riding, or immerse yourself in the world of water sports. Practise your favourite sports during your holidays in Novo Sancti Petri!


Get started to surf in Las Dunas!

This summer we offer you the opportunity to introduce you to surf in "Las Dunas". In collaboration with the "Surf School Chiclana" we offer the first-class learning for free . During the months of July and August, we organize this event once a week with the intention that all customers have the opportunity to enjoy this attractive activity. Being a sport that is done with the power of nature, it is very valuable to release stress. In addition to relax, surfing combines aerobic work with toning, they burn calories while muscles of the arms and back working. On the other hand, it strengthens our legs, buttocks and our core or middle of our body, while giving away waves on the sea. It requires a major effort that allows us to gain strength, and at the same time, improves coordination and balance. Ideal to enjoy in summer. Although it may be somewhat risky, with practice you can enjoy a pleasant time on the table and experience a great feeling that everyone wants.

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Riding enthusiasts

The wonderful area where Aparthotel Las Dunas is located, offers plenty of leisure and sports. Particularly for riding enthusiasts who will find in addition to classes, walks and several horse riding along the beach and pine forest. An experience that allows to enjoy the nature and beauty that characterizes these noble animals. It is also an excellent way to learn about another nuance of Chiclana, a city full of contrasts characterized by its vast pine forests and beautiful beaches.

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Routes in kayak in Novo Sancti Petri

In the high summer season, every day excursions can be realized in kayak. The starting point is at the Sancti Petri's sports port in Chiclana de la Frontera (Cádiz), in that area there are several places where you can find this service.It has a long history in the world of water sports, under a global framework of professionality and security. Before the start, always gives a brief introduction on handling and safety. There are different routes through the marshes and Sancti Petri, through the mythical newly renovated castle situated on the island of the same name. Spend a day of laughter and fun with your friends or family.